i knew i loved paul rudd for a good reason!

in his nyt article, back by popular demand, alex williams writes about the decline of the economy and the subsequent popularity of niceness in the american cultural landscape. he cites the relatively recent popularity of stars such as famously nice – guy paul rudd, american idol contestant kris allen, the obama administration, and other such charming popular figures as indicative of a shift in the population’s cultural landscape. in contrast, sardonic and biting humor was often employed in times of economic boom.

he even looks like he'd be really nice!

he even looks like he'd be really nice!

apparently corporations are also getting on the nice train. williams writes:

“There’s more spark to nice — it is really in,” said Graceann Bennett, the director of strategic planning at the Chicago office of the advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather. She said clients are shying away from the arch and sardonic campaigns that were in vogue when the economy was flush. Ogilvy recently pitched an ad for Truvia, a new sweetener, showing two mounds of white powder meant to suggest female breasts, one more perfectly shaped than the other. The proposed tagline: “The difference between real ones and fake ones is obvious.”
The agency wanted to make the point that Truvia is derived from stevia leaves, a South American herb, not from a laboratory. But executives at Truvia’s manufacturer, Cargill, thought the ad was mean to the competition and to women with breast implants. They rejected it.
“I’m in marketing meetings with clients all the time,” Ms. Bennett said, “and they’re always coming back with, ‘I don’t want mean.’

i wonder if the popularity of cupcakes has anything to do with being nice.



whatever the causal factors may be — i’ll take paul rudd and cupcakes and other cute things any day, any time.


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